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Our Journey

It all began with our parents, Joe and Joanne. The original J's! Three main things have always remained: Family, Legacy and Entrepreneurship. God bless our mother who faithfully homeschooled all three of us when it wasn't popular! The thought of a family business always resonated with us.

Full transparency......we never thought we would have a business like this. But sometimes necessity breeds inspiration. In sickness and in health we moved forward to learn all the skills that inspired us to come together to create J&J Property Pros. It's not often you come across a sibling bond such as we have.

Built in best friends and most importantly built in Business partners. As J&J Property Pros we look to carry on the legacy of integrity, honor and ethical business practice in whatever we do.

Cheers to the original J's who cultivated the team mentality within us! One of the originals is no longer with us......our beloved mother who in her honor we carry on the trait of beautifying the land! As for our father, he is still going strong, supporting and making cameo appearances on the worksite or creating lines with the mow crew. Life, no matter what we do, will always and forever be about Family & Service. 

We are thrilled to get to serve and continue this eventful journey with you!

Millbrook, NY Landscaping

We Stand by You and Our Work

Honor and integrity are virtues, we endeavor to uphold not only in life but also in business. We stand by the work we do. Once you are a part of the J&J family, we will treat you as such and will expect the same in return.


"Quality is not an act, it is a habit."


Tell Us About Your Journey
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